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Grant Activities Report

The Foundation is the first Republic of China organization dedicated to the promotion of international scholarly exchange, drawing on its endowment to fund pioneering research on Chinese culture. The principal aim of the Foundation is to support a worldwide range of collaborative research projects, lecture series, conferences, and publications, as well as fellowships for doctoral candidates and postdoctoral scholars.

Since its founding in 1989, the Foundation has implemented a wide range of grant and fellowship programs in the following five regions: Domestic Region, American Region, European Region, Asia-Pacific Region, and Developing Regions. These programs have supported scholars undertaking research projects in the humanities and social sciences that explore the transformation of traditional Chinese culture, including the historical development of the Republic of China and Taiwan as well as overseas Chinese communities.

Through the years, the Foundation has been guided by the principle of awarding grants solely on the basis of academic merit, while also supporting the globalization of academic research. Its efforts have earned a sterling reputation and great respect, while also resulting in numerous concrete achievements. For more details on grants and fellowships supported by the Foundation, please see the Cumulative Report of Grant-Making Activities below.