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Publication Subsidies

Basic Requirements

The maximum amount for a publication subsidy is EUR4,000. The manuscript to be published must be ready for publication by the time of application, and a copy of it should be sent to the committee (to the host country of the meeting) with at least one review written in English by experts in the field. It is preferable that the reviewer of the manuscript be from a different country than the author or editor of the manuscript.

The application will not be considered if the hard copy of the manuscript is not available at the time of the committee meeting.

All applications must include the following items, in the order listed below:

  1. 1. Project abstract (approximately 500 words).

  2. 2. A detailed itemized budget (If this sum is to be supplemented by matching funds, please include this information in the budget).

  3. 3. A description of the proposed project of no more than 7 pages in length.

  4. 4. Curriculum vitae of the project director and all co-directors, including lists of publications over the last five years that are related to the proposed project.

  5. 5. Letter of agreement from the publisher.

  6. 6. Table of contents.

  7. 7. Outline and two chapters of the manuscript.

  8. 8. Review(s) of the proposed publication sent to the Foundation directly by the publisher.

  9. 9. Letters of support from the applicant(s) and participating institution(s).

Application Procedures

Applications must be submitted to our online application database. E-mail and paper applications will not be accepted. Applications may be submitted every year from August 1 (to start the application process, please click here).


  1. 1. The application period for Publication Subsidies is from August 1 to October 15. Applications after October 15 will not be accepted.

  2. 2. A list of grant recipients will be announced in early June of the year following the October deadline.

  3. 3. For applications which do not receive funding, the Foundation will inform the institutions and project directors within seven days after the results are made public. For applications that do receive support, the Foundation will inform the institutions and project directors as quickly as possible in order to arrange for contracts to be signed.

  4. 4. The Foundation does not provide a written critique for unsuccessful applications

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