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Publication Subsidies

Publication subsidies are provided to assist in the final stages of publishing academic works. Unlike grant applications submitted from outside of Taiwan, applications from scholars affiliated with institutions in Taiwan must involve cooperation with one or more scholars from other countries. Academic publishers or full-time faculty may apply for subsidies for the publication of scholarly works related to the goals of the Foundation. Applications will be accepted for completed book manuscripts, but not for books in a series

The maximum amount of each award is NT$500,000. Projects on Taiwan Studies are especially encouraged.

Publication Subsidy Grants may only be used to cover editing, indexing, and other relevant publication costs. Translation and research-related expenses may not be included.

For periodicals and journals, the Foundation will support one year's worth of publication.

Publications that receive support from the Foundation must add the following line on the title page: "Sponsored by the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange".

Application materials

  1. Project abstracts (in Chinese and English).
  2. An itemized budget (If the sum is to be supplemented by marching fund, please include this information in the budget).
  3. A description the proposed project of no more than 7 pages in length.
  4. Curriculum vitae of the project director and foreign co-director(s), including lists of publications over the last five years that are related to the proposed project.
  5. Letter of agreement from the publisher.
  6. Table of contents.
  7. Outline and two chapters of the manuscript.
  8. At least two reviews of the proposed publication sent to the Foundation directly by the publisher.
  9. Endorsement letter(s) from the project director and co-director(s) institution(s).

Application Procedures

Applications must be submitted to our online application database. E-mail and paper applications will not be accepted. Applications may be submitted every year from August 1 to September 15 and December 1 to January 15 of the following year. ( to start the application process, please click here)


  1. The deadlines for Publication Subsidy Grant applications are:
    September 15
    January 15
  2. Final results for applications made before September 15 are announced in late December. Results of applications submitted for the January 15 deadline are announced in early June.
  3. For applications that are approved, the Foundation will inform the institutions and project directors as quickly as possible in order to arrange for contracts to be signed.
  4. The Foundation does not provide reviewer’s reports.

Important Information

  1. The Foundation’s grants provide support for research on Chinese Studies in the humanities and social sciences.
  2. Applications should not exceed the limits for grant amounts and grant duration as stated in the program descriptions given above.
  3. Project directors who are currently receiving Foundation aid are ineligible to apply.
  4. The Foundation encourages applications with matching funds from other sources. Please inform the Foundation if applying for financial assistance from other organizations at the same time. If a project director receives aid from another source after the Foundation has already decided to support the project, please inform the Foundation within 7 days after being informed by the alternate funding organization.
  5. The Foundation does not subsidize the salaries of project directors or their overseas co-directors.
  6. Funding is not available for university administrative expenses (including overhead or endowments) or the purchase of equipment.
  7. Foundation funds can only be transferred to and managed by institutional accounts. Endorsement letter from the applicant's institution must express the institution's willingness to comply with these procedures.
  8. For personnel, travel, fieldwork investigations, questionnaires, and other research expenses, please refer to the standards set by the National Science Council.
  9. When preparing the itemized budget, please use New Taiwan Dollars as the unit of currency.
  10. If there are other co-directors on the project, please also include their curriculum vitae, lists of relevant publications and letters of agreement along with the other materials required above.

Contact Information

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